If want to find a job in a different region of the country. What is the best way to go about finding a high level COO, VP, or General Manager job when searching outside your region?

The job boards like Monster and others don’t seem to work well.

I think you should use a recruiting firm such as Robert Half. Professional staffing firms can do alot of the leg work for you so you don’t have to spend time looking through postings, filling out applications, and sending in cover letters and resumes. Most job postings online don’t give you any idea about the culture or the salary for the position. I’ve preferred this method of finding a job because I can ask the recruiter questions that I wouldn’t ask an interviewer until I had an offer.

Also, some companies don’t post open positions to the public and exclusively use staffing firms. These firms get paid up to 30% of your base salary once you get hired so they’re willing to put in the time looking for something that will appeal to you.

I know of the Internet web sites for job searching but how do you get in contact with recruiters in those areas? I live in the north east of the United States. My wife and I are considering relocating to the south west.

When you are looking for a job out side of your current area? You can find out about school districts and other beneficial information that would help in relocating? Searching Plus, I’ve experienced many companies want to higher people that are local.

Moving people across country at the company expense is a rare event today, unless you are at a VP or higher level. Some industries do more frequently, such as IT.


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