If you’re not using Twitter yet, you best believe you are missing out. Twitter is an online service that enables you to broadcast short messages to your friends or “followers.” It also lets you specify which Twitter users you want to follow so you can read their messages in one place.

Twitter is a very powerful social networking tool. Here are some easy steps to follow to use twitter effectively to build your brand, gain exposure, gain visibility and position yourself as a knowledgeable marketing resource.

1.) Send out an email for everyone to follow you on your list.

* Offer internet marketing tips & how to get traffic through your twitter tweets…..

* Since Twitter is not email based, it will get delivered 100% of the time no questions asked.

2.) Get involved with your followers. When you do this you are building relationships. Be active in the community and network with other people. Review their videos, articles, blogs, sites and give feedback to them.

3.) Branding – Communication will allow you to establish a reputation of an active twitter and helping people out.

4.) Video or Buzz Group – Rate, vote, digg people content.  People love to see others checking out their content, and usually they will return the favor..

5.) Let them know out your articles, blog post, videos, press releases or newsletters and ask them for some feedback.  This can also create a social buzz.

Powerful Tools To Use with Twitter:

Twitter application in Facebook – posts my Twitter updates to Facebook status. I seem to have a different network on Facebook than I do on Twitter so this helps spread the content.

twitter.ezinearticles.com – This is EzineArticles twitter research page.  Lets you search & follow other marketers in your niche — very simple

TweetLater. Was explained in the video.

TweetDeck – Desktop application that allows me to show Twitter searches, DMs and Replies in one screen. There are any number of tools to get this done, but I like the interface of TweetDeck

Twtter lets you build your list while communicating at the same time.  Email marketing is great but you have to build your list first before you can communte with them.

Twitter helps almost everything you need go viral.

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