In a lot of cases, because new business owners have virtually nothing in the way of marketing and advertising experience, they basically disregard the need for marketing in their company and in its place depend on their industry skills to deliver and hopefully grow the business. Lack of marketing understanding is not an excuse for not marketing your small business!

What makes many small business owners so reluctant to pay for business related training in order to enhance their abilities and chances of success? It tends to make no sense whatsoever! After all, when they need to learn to play a guitar or to play golf, they have no problem paying for lessons?

Marketing coaching or consultancy ought to be viewed as an essential investment in any company. When you get to be better than your competition at marketing, you’re virtually certain to do well.

I believe quite a few owners make the error of assuming that marketing is just another word for advertising, and that marketing has to be costly. These beliefs are both a long way from the truth. Marketing entails a great deal more than simply advertising and definitely doesn’t have to be costly, in fact a lot of small business marketing techniques are extremely inexpensive to implement.

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And so what exactly does marketing incorporate?

Marketing essentially addresses each and every aspect of one’s business that touches your customer. Your customer communications, your customer support, your prices, your product and of course your advertising all fall under the marketing umbrella. To be successful, you have to become outstanding in all of those areas, not just in advertising as many believe.

When you communicate better than your competition, when you provide an improved client experience than your rivals and whenever you provide a better product, you’ll not just develop your company much more quickly, you will also be able to charge a lot more as well! Pair these areas of excellence with effective advertising and your success will be greatly accelerated.