Being a painting contractor can offer a very good income even during bad economic times. To succeed one must have a business plan. In many cases, interior and exterior house painting is one of the most dreaded jobs for homeowners. Most home owners appreciate a nicely painted house but painting is not something they enjoy.

A house painting business is a great home based business for several reasons. One reason is the fact that it is a respectable trade and the business can be run out of your home. Secondly, the business is easily worked part or full time depending upon the owner’s schedule. House painters often work as painters for years before going out on their own. In the past 30 years I’ve encouraged several house painters to start their own successful businesses. An energetic man or woman will learn the trade from an established painting contractor by working for a time as a house painter. As soon as he or she is comfortable with the trade, there is little reason to continue as an employee.

To start a house painting business, you cannot be afraid of hard work. Most people who go into business for themselves have dreams of sitting behind a desk or just supervising their own work crews. Thats an understandable dream but another approach, especially during poor economic times is focus on being a one-man operation. With a good work ethic, a one-man business can prove to be most profitable. To succeed, one needs a good plan and physical endurance. After all, when working for yourself, you are truly on your own. But the positives certainly outnumber the negatives of self employment

After one makes the commitment that is needed, they really need a good painting business plan. If you do not seek proper guidance it is too easy to overspend in areas of tools and equipment or advertising. A good house painting business guide will help the new business owner keep focused on important things. The failure rate of new businesses can be very depressing and most times it is due to having no business plan.