An easy way to enhance your landscape, highlight its special features or give it a more finished appearance is to add landscape lighting. This form of lighting can be used to simultaneously show off prized plants and gardens, set a mood, increase safety and make your home sparkle.

There are many forms of landscape lighting to choose from in todays market. Both solar-powered and low-voltage units are available, making them very affordable to operate. In fact, the hardest part may be choosing from the great variety of fixture styles and colors available. The old greenish-yellow light fixtures are now being replaced by everything from spot lights, pathway lights and back lights to colored bulbs and lenses and even light ropes! Many homeowners find that a combination of landscape lighting options create the desired overall effect.

As you create your lighting plan, bear in mind the security benefits landscape lighting can provide. Consider shining lights on dark areas of the house where prowlers could otherwise go undetected.

If you are leaving your landscape lighting job to the professionals, be sure they integrate a lighting scheme into the project. This is crucial so that all the lighting hardware and cables are planned for in the early phases of the project, which can save time and prevent damage to your new fixtures. Only a little more work is required, however, to add lighting to an existing landscape. In fact, most do-it-yourselfers find solar landscape light installation to be a very easy project.

Another consideration is the effect your new lights will have on indoor seating areas; you do not want that new floodlight shining into your eyes while you watch TV on the couch.

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