Your promotional event presence is key to finding new customers and partners. A business show or event usually sees all the major players in your industry gathered in one place, all trying to find contacts and competing for face time. The people who purchase your services, or who offer corollary services which are required in order to make your product better, are all there.

Facing such a huge concentration of potential contacts, suppliers, distributors and professional allies, how are your personal future associates and customers going to select your stand as the location to check out? Naturally many of them will have made appointments before the exhibition: but that important walk through business needs something to attract its attention. If you want to generate a quick visual impression, printed balloons can seriously bring your stand to life.

How to use Promotional Balloons to Design Your Stand

Your stand decorations could have the very best effect if they are able to both entice and keep visitors. Make use of imprinted balloonsto make the ideal look.

The stand is intended to communicate information about what you are and the things you do. Like a website, your stand needs to impart that information clearly and quickly so that prospective walk in visitors can commit to a snap decision regarding whether or not to come in and look around.

The balloons exist to help with making that initial connection. To go on using our web site example: when you’ve got a web site that looks eye-catching customers will give it their attention. Nonetheless the content on the website has to be immediately evident so that you can keep them there. If you decorate your stand with balloons, you are embellishing it in a way that grabs attention: but that does not conceal the information that lets your prospective customers comprehend who you are and the things you do.

Use Assistance and Do It Right

Get the balloon dealer involved in your stand decorations. They are able to pick custom printed balloons perfect for your expectations.

Your marketing balloons dealer will let you find the ideal sorts of balloons – foil; latex; pearlescent – for any stand you’ve got. It is able to provide in store arrangements; arches; balloon columns; and balloon clusters. It can recommend the colouring and finish of your company logo printing – or perhaps whether or not you should have a logo design printed on the balloons at all. When your stand is already displaying your logo design, for instance, of course your balloon accessories only need mirror your firm colours.

It’s easy to go overboard with balloons. These kinds of products don’t cost much and they’re very easy to set up (your balloon dealer can do all that for you) that it can be very easy to make a decision to “push the boat out”. Don’t forget – less is much more. Let your provider call the shots and then your completed stand will be desirable without getting too over the top.

Having the Right Idea – Some Successful Balloon Designs in Action

Generating an impact was never simpler. Use the perfect balloon decorations to create the ideal stand.

Every single stand is special – in dimension, in design and in function. A walk in stand in a business show, for instance, features a defined entrance along with a commodious inside space. Preferably, balloon decorations in a stand such as this will increase the sense of room and attract attention to the entrance.

A product information stand, by contrast, has no internal space at all. The function of balloon adornments on a stand like this would be to mark its spot in a crowd. To ensure the volume and distribution of balloons could be relatively large – probably a balloon arch or a pair of big columns.

Check out the examples above to find out what different kinds of balloon design could do for you. Choose the one that fits you best to make your stand outstanding!